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Reasons you’re not Getting Job Offers after Interview

First of all you need to check that your CV  is professionally built and does not contain irrelevant information. There are things job seekers need to remove from their resume; these things are one of the reasons they haven’t got a feedback after submitting their resume, these factors of limitations includes

  1. Number of Kids
  2. Marital Status
  3. Religious Affiliation

Reasons you've not been getting job offers after interview

The above information add no value to your resume.

Secondly, as a job seeker, you are not qualified for every job you come across, so make sure you only apply for jobs that you qualify. I am talking about jobs that match your skills, qualifications and experience. Many job seekers are making these mistakes, don’t say let me try my luck, it may be a time wasting. Every job advertisement has its own requirements. Therefore as you seek for a job, go through the requirements and see if u met the requirements or not, if you didn’t meet up with the requirements don’t boarder to apply.


  1. The following should be put into consideration during interview preparations:


Many job seekers who were privileged to get a feedback for an interview after applying for a particular job never get a call from the organization after the interview. The reason behind this could be they didn’t show a positive conduct. This is one of the things that can hinder you from getting a call-back after attending an interview.


When you are preparing for an interview you are expected to go online, search for the job role you applied for, study every job description for that role.


The interviewer may ask you to tell him what you know about the company.  You’re expected to know all these things before you proceed for the interview. All you need to do is to search on Google the company’s website, study about the company because you might be asked to explain what you know about the company.


This is another important factor that can give you a pass mark in an interview and this must not be taken for granted.


Patience is another important factor. Many organizations would like to know if you have problem with patience, there are many ways or tactics companies/recruiters can use to test your level of patience, ranging from intentionally delaying “time of interview” to giving you other tasks you may consider irrelevant and annoying. The importance of this is to test your willingness and the passion for the job, therefore when you attend an interview don’t be in a haste to get it done and go, organizations are looking for candidates who are passionate, dedicated and motivated, please take note of all these limitations, practice them and the sky will be your limit.


Many job seekers have fumbled in interviews many times whenever this particular question is being asked; “Tell me About Yourself”? Or “May I meet you?” please note this; when this question is being asked in an interview, what the interviewer is expecting from you is to tell him about your skills and experience, your academic background. Many people get confused in an interview when this question is being asked, at that moment you are expected to convince the interviewer that you are the best candidate for that job position, is not a time for you to talk about your family and friends. In fact if you answer this particular question very well and you’re able to convince the interviewer by your answers, you will definitely stand a chance of getting the job. Therefore it’s a moment where you are expected to advertise yourself to the interviewer that you are fit for this job role.

In summary, is better to meet opportunity prepared than to meet opportunity unprepared always acquaint yourself with these information, it will guide you to have a successful interview.

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