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Lexus Rx Jeep Price in Nigeria today 2023

Lexus is one of the most popular brands of car in Nigeria.

The luxurious division of the well-known Toyota Motor Corporation, Lexus, has become one of the most sought-after car brands in recent years.

While some segments of the market continue to gravitate toward conventional Toyota automobiles due to lower costs and greater accessibility, Nigerians are starting to consider the Lexus market as a viable alternative in terms of functionality, beauty, class, and overall operation.

Read on and check out the prices of Lexus Rx Jeep in Nigeria in 2023.

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Lexus Rx 350 Price In Nigeria

For the RX 350 interior, Lexus made sure to employ high-quality materials like plush leather, textured metallic or wood trimmings, and soft-touch plastics. The driving position is cozy and simple to get used to. Even so, there are a few ergonomic mistakes in the cabin, including a large radio knob, a difficult reach from the driver’s seat, and a frustratingly incorrect controller for the infotainment system.

New technology features, including Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and onboard Wi-Fi, are included with the infotainment system.

A 12.3-inch infotainment touchscreen with in-dash navigation, a 12-speaker audio system (rather than the usual nine speakers), a DVD/CD player, and access to the Lexus Enform App Suite is available as an upgrade from the 8.0-inch model. From the infotainment system, this app offers access to restricted internet connectivity and emergency help.

Furthermore, available are a rear-seat entertainment system with wireless headphones, a dual 11.6-inch display setup, and a 15-speaker Mark Levinson premium audio system.


Lexus Rx 350 Prices In Nigeria
New Lexus Rx 350 40,000,000 – 50,000,000
Used Lexus Rx 350 6,000,000 – 11,000,000
Lexus Rx 350 FWD 13,000,000 – 15,000,000
Lexus Rx 350 AWD 13,500,000 – 15,000,000
Lexus Rx 350L FWD 14,000,000 – 17,000,000
Lexus Rx 350 F-Sport FWD 13,000,000 – 17,000,000
Lexus Rx 350L AWD 14,000,000 – 18,000,000

Lexus Rx 330 Price In Nigeria

The Lexus RX330 is a fantastic vehicle, since it has a reputation for being a smooth driver and is the most popular model among the RX 300, RX330, and RX 350. The 2006 Lexus RX330 is an opulent SUV with a V6 engine paired to a 5-speed automatic transmission, capable of a top speed of 180 km/h. It successfully combines sport, utility, comfort, and technology.

With the RX series, Lexus set a new standard for contemporary luxury utility vehicles by introducing the crossover style of SUV, which is built on a unibody car foundation rather than a body resembling a heavy-duty truck.

The Lexus RX330 epitomizes convenience, comfort, effective performance, and fashionable style.

The interior of the Lexus RX330 is dominated by faux metal accents and lush wood details, giving it a luxurious feel. Front-wheel drive, ABS and driveline traction control, dual-zone automatic air conditioning, an AM/FM stereo, seek-scan radio, key fobs for all doors, remote keyless entry, heated mirrors, cloth seat trim, and driver and passenger lumbar support are all included in the interior of the 2006 Lexus RX330.


Lexus Rx 330 Prices In Nigeria
Nigerian used Lexus RX 330 2005 4,100,000
Nigerian used Lexus RX 330 2004 4,500,000
Lexus Rx 330 2003 5,500,000
Lexus Rx 330 2004 6,700,000

Used Lexus Rx 350 Price In Nigeria


Nigerian used Rx 350 Prices In Nigeria
2015 Lexus Rx 350 15,000,000
2010 Lexus Rx 350 16,000,000
2013 Lexus Rx 350 15,000,000
2008 Lexus Rx 350 7,500,000
2010 Lexus Rx 350 12,000,000
2020 Lexus Rx 350 29,000,000
2015 Lexus Rx 350 16,000,000
2011 Lexus Rx 350 12,000,000
2012 Lexus Rx 350 15,000,000
2015 Lexus Rx 350 11,000,000
2020 Lexus Rx 350 11,500,000
2011 Lexus Rx 350 15,000,000
2017 Lexus Rx 350 27,000,000
2013 Lexus Rx 350 15,500,000

Foreign Used Lexus Rx 350 Price In Nigeria

Tokunbo, or foreign used Lexus Rx 350 jeeps, is still in suitable form and functional condition despite having been used by foreigners who have chosen to part with the vehicle for personal reasons. Nonetheless, the Lexus is still working perfect.


Foreign Used Rx 350 Prices In Nigeria
Lexus Rx 350 2005 8,000,000
Lexus Rx 350 2006 9,000,000
Lexus Rx 350 2007 6,200,000
Lexus Rx 350 2008 7,000,000
Lexus Rx 350 2009 10,000,000
Lexus Rx 350 2010 11,000,000
Lexus Rx 350 2011 15,000,000
Lexus Rx 350 2014 17,000,000
Lexus Rx 350 2015 20,000,000
Lexus Rx 350 2016 24,000,000
Lexus Rx 350 2008 7,500,000
Lexus Rx 350 AWD 2019 28,000,000
Lexus Rx 350 AWD 2009 6,100,000

Tokunbo Lexus Rx 330 Price In Nigeria


Tokunbo Lexus Rx 330 Prices In Nigeria
Lexus Rx 330 2004 6,700,000
Lexus Rx 330 2005 6,400,000
Lexus Rx 330 2006 6,600,000
Lexus Rx 330 2003 5,500,000

Price Of Different Models Of Lexus Rx In Nigeria (Start From 2010 To 2023)

The midsize Lexus RX is without a doubt a stylish and well-designed luxury crossover SUV that was introduced to the market by Lexus, the high-end division of Toyota, in 1998. More than a century has passed since the founding of the Toyota firm.

The Toyota Harrier was first made available in its home market of Japan toward the end of 1997. Export sales to other nations started in March 1998 under the name Lexus RX, and the car quickly rose to prominence all over the world.


Models of Lexus Rx Prices in Nigeria
Lexus RX350 2017 27,000,000 – 35,000,000
Lexus RX350 2010 7,000,000 – 9,000,000
Lexus RX350 2011 7,000,000 – 10,000,000
Lexus RX350 2012 7,100,000 – 11,500,000
Lexus RX350 2014 8,500,000 – 15,000,000
Lexus RX350 Base 2023 30,000,000
Lexus RX350 F Sport 2023 31,200,000

The costs of the Lexus RX series might vary depending on the value gained, as well as the vehicle’s attractiveness, model, year, and whether it was imported or used locally.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the RX a reliable SUV?: Undoubtedly, the 2022 Lexus RX is a good SUV with controlled handling and a smooth ride, and its V6 engine performs its duties without any problems. In addition to having high-tech features, it has lovely interiors.
  • Will the Lexus RX  2023 be powered by a V6?: The All New 2023 Lexus RX 350 replaces the previous model’s 3.5-liter V6’s naturally aspirated 295 horsepower with a 2.4-liter 4-cylinder that is turbocharged to produce 275 horsepower.
  • Which is larger, the RX or the NX?: The RX’s bigger size gives the cabin additional room for passengers and goods. The Lexus NX or RX is larger, right? The NX has a length of 183.5 inches. The longer three-row RX L measures 196.9 inches in length compared to the smaller RX’s 192.5 inches.
  • What does RX Lexus mean?: Radiant Crossover is the model name for this vehicle. When the car was introduced at the beginning of the millennium, Lexus had a vision of a radiant new future.


The prices of Lexus Rx Jeep depend on the models and also whether it is brand new, Tokunbo or Nigerian use.

Lexus Rx Jeep is a classy brand and quite expensive. Now that you know the prices, you can get your own car today!

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