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How To Prepare Natural Calcium For Your Snails

Snail farming is very lucrative but many people get it wrong with the wrong practices as a result of poor management. In Snail farming, the supply of calcium to your snails is inevitable. No Snail farrmer can do without adequate supply of calcium to snails. In the bush, snails get calcium from the soil. The move about from one place to another in search for calcium in the bush. Therefore since you’ve confined them in an environment where they’re being wholly or partially restricted from moving about, you’ll surely provide them with¬† sufficient calcium because they peat (best soil for snails) you provided for them might not contain sufficient calcium.

How To Prepare Natural Calcium For Your Snails
Snail concentrate

Sources of Calcium

Snails need calcium to grow their shells. If you let your snails to lack calcium, then be ready for high rate of cannibalism among them. The high rate of cannibalism among snails today is as a result of lack of calcium. When snails lack calcium, they tend to prey on each other. They eat each other’s shell ūüźö in order to get the deficient calcium.
Baby snails also need calcium to grow stronger shells. Without calcium, you might experience high mortality rate of your baby snails.
We have different sources of calcium in snails, they’re;

  1. Eggshell
  2. Snail Shells
  3. Limestone
  4. Bone Meal
  5. Oyster Shell etc.

The best among them is eggshell. Eggshell provides sufficient calcium necessary for the growth of the snails. Whether you grind the eggshell or not, they snails will still eat it but if you want to get the best result, you’ll need to grind the eggshell and give to the snails. Snail shell is a very good alternative to eggshell but it’s very expensive and the preparation maybe sometimes cumbersome. There are two methods you can use to prepare Snail Shells as calcium supplement for the snails. They’re;

  • By burning
  • By grindin.

By Burning

This involves the setting ablaze of the whole shell using wood as fuel or putting it completely in an oven or furnace with very high degree of heat, where it will completely get burnt. After burning, gather the reminants/Ash leftovers. That particular Ash produced after burning of snail shells is very rich in calcium and as such a very good source of calcium for the snails.

How To Prepare Natural Calcium For Your Snails

         Natural burning of snail shells

The second is;

By grinding

This is the easiest way for producing calcium supplements for the snails because no human power is needed to get the job done. All you have to do it to put the shells in the hammer mill where the engine will grind everything to dust.
I’ll advise you use the hammer mill to grind the Snail shell because the calcium produced after grinding is very effective.
The last but the most efficient and effective source of calcium I’ll discuss here is the CONCENTRATE.

How To Prepare Natural Calcium For Your Snails

Snail Concentrate

Snail concentrate is the most efficient and effective source of calcium for the snails. A bag (25kg) of calcium contains not only the required calcium supplements, but it also contains other minerals necessary for the growth and wellbeing of the snails.
The concentrate contains Limestone, bone meals, fish meal, PKC, Soya Cake etc in the appropriate proportions for the proper growth of the snails. Using the concentrate as calcium supplement also helps in the production of snail eggs. Infact the result you’ll obtain¬† after using¬† the concentrate can never be compared to when you used other sources of calcium mentioned above.
Snail concentrate is available on

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