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Iron Rods: Cost of Reinforcements in Nigeria 2021

The Nigerian building materials market is filled with all sorts of Reinforcements of different sizes like 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm and so on which are all used for different construction purposes depending on it’s bearing capacities.
Iron Rods: Costs and Benefits of Reinforcements in Nigeria
These Iron rods as they are popularly called by market traders and workmen on-site come on types, namely Mild Steel Plain bars, Hot Rolled Deformed Bars, Prestressing Steel and Cold Worked Steel Reinforcement

The most popular used in building and construction projects across the country happens to be the Hot Rolled Deformed Bars. We are going to base our cost analysis on this bar and it’s various sizes in diameter (mm).

Iron Rod costs

Most wholesaler’s and some retailers will sell to you per tonne of these reinforcements, so let us take a look at how many pieces of these rods will give a ton for a given diameter.

Diameter Ton Current Price
8 mm 210 in number ₦1,800
10 mm 134 in number ₦2,800
12 mm 93 in number ₦4,000
16 mm 52 in number ₦7,200
20 mm 34 in number ₦11,000
25 mm 21 in number ₦18,000

The above is the price buyable for single TMT brand reinforcement for the month of May 2021, this brand is usually recommended by Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON) so also the government

This is the amount you’re likely going to get for the cost of iron rod in the markets today.

Rings/Stirrups Bars

Beams and columns reinforcements are erected in place with the help of these stirrups. They are equally referred to as rods and are sold at a less costly price too

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  1. Need iron rods for building construction. What is the current cost?

  2. Good morning, pls I need 2tons of 12mm of iron rod and I like to know the price.
    My site is at AIT side alagbado

  3. Good Afternoon, pls I need 1 1/2 ton each of 12mm & 16mm of iron rod and I like to know the price.
    My site is at Ifo Ogun State

  4. Pls i need half ton of 20mm and half ton of 16mm..How much is it

  5. Stanley chinaka

    Please I need 1 ton of 12 mm and 8mm

  6. I need 10mm rod, 12mm, 16mm how much

  7. Current price of 12mm, I am in Lagos

  8. I need 6 tons of 12mm & 16mm

  9. I need Iron rod 45 length of 12mm,
    Iron rod 20 length of 10mm @ Ibeju Lekki, ona osa. What is the price?

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