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Cost of Building Materials in Nigeria

Do you want to make an estimate to bring that construction of your dream to reality? Or you want to venture into building materials industry?

Then you don’t need to worry yourself

Building materials are important for the construction of a building and they come in different types and prices.

Get the prices of building materials in 2023 without much hassle.

Let’s get started!!!

The Biggest Building Material Market In Nigeria

  • Odunade Market in Lagos
  • Ceramica Limited in Lagos

If you are searching for high-quality household goods. toiletries, kitchenware, and all security doors. I’d advise this building materials market. Their products comes with attractive aesthetics.

  • Jeuton Finishing in Lagos
  • QMB Bulders Mart Gbagada
  • Sprebs Venture in Ikorodu

BOQ Rates In Nigeria

A Bill of Quantities (BOQ) is an itemized pricing document that is comprehensive. It is a reflection of the work to be done that has been separated from the design team’s drawings, specifications, and other relevant material.

According to a recognized method of measurement, the BOQ is presented.

The contract amounts and bid unit pricing for popular building construction materials like concrete, sandcrete blocks, iron, mortar, and floor tiles were subjected to regression analysis. Within the study period, unit prices submitted by LOCOFs were compared to published unit rates and the Nigerian consumer price index (CPI), and conclusions concerning firm pricing patterns and financial feasibility based on item unit rates were emphasized and addressed. The findings revealed that 25.81% of the LOCOFs bid unit rates, or 119 out of a total of 461 unit rates values, were higher than the advertised unit rates.

Building Materials Market In Lagos

  • Tesotech Limited
  • Jeuton Finishing in Lagos
  • QMB Bulders Mart Gbagada
  • Sprebs Venture in Ikorodu

Building Materials Types And Prices 2023

We have various types of building materials which include;

  • Cement
  • Building Blocks
  • Roofing Sheet
  • Nails
  • Tiles etc

Current Prices of Cement in Nigeria

The rise in cost of prices of products in Nigeria today is something else. Building Materials are no exception. Cement are essential aggregate used for building structures. They come in 50kg bags and different brands.


Cement (50kg) Prices In Nigeria
Dangote Cement 5,200 – 5,300
Elephant Cement 5,000
Eagle Cement 5,000
UNICEM Cement 5,000
Ibeto Cement 5,000
Ashaka Cement 4,900
Wapco Cement 4,900
BUA Cement 5,300
Sokoto Cement 4,950
Cellular Concrete Cement 4,900

Current Price of Building Blocks


Ordinary block (inch) Prices In Nigeria
6-inch Ordinary Block 300 – 350
9-inch Ordinary Block 500 – 350
6-inch Stone dust Block 300 – 350
9-inch Stone dust Block 500


Aesthetic Block Prices In Nigeria
Crystal glass block 1,500 – 2,000
White glass block 1,800 – 2,200
Parallel clear glass block 1,400 – 1,700
Crystal green glass block 1,700 – 2,300
Polystrene foam block and sheet 2,000 – 2,500
Spanish Block Wall Tile 7,500 – 8,500
Clay Ventilation blocks 350 – 400

Current Cost of Roofing Sheet


Aluminum Roofing Sheet Sizes (mm) Prices In Nigeria
Long Span 0.45mm 2,900-3,000
Long Span 0.50mm 3,200-3,500
Long Span 0.55mm 3,850-3,900
Long Span 0.70mm 6,300-6,500
Step Tile 0.45mm 3,000-#3,200
Step Tile 0.50mm 3,450-3,600
Step Tile 0.55mm 4,050-4,100
Metcoppo 0.50mm 3,450
Metcoppo 0.55mm 4,150

Current Price of Steel Rods

Steel rods, also called Reinforcements are the skeleton of a building. They also come in different diameters and are often sold in” tons”


Steel Rod Prices Prices per Ton in naira
6mm 1,200 – 1,300 451,200-488,800
8mm 2,100 – 2,200 441,000 – 462,000
10mm 3,300 – 3,500 442,200 – 469,000
12mm 4,800 – 5,000 436,400 – 465,000
16mm 8,500 – 8,700 442,000 – 452,400
20mm 13,000 – 14,000 442,000 – 476,000
25mm 21,000 – 22,000 441,000 – 462,000
30mm 30,500 – 31,500 457,500 – 472,500

Current Price of Sand

Sand is a common building material that makes up roughly 75% of the majority of structures in Nigeria today.

Types of Sand Prices in Nigeria
20 Tons of Sharp Sand 70,000
20 Tons of Plaster/Filling 40,000
20 Tons of Soft Sand 70,000
20 Tons of Granite Stone 180,000
20 Tons of Gravel Stone 120,000
20 Tons of Stone Dust 168,000

Current Prices of Tiles In Nigeria

Tiles are square items that can be made out of light materials like wood, mineral wool, or perlite or from durable materials like ceramic, glass, stone, and clay.


Types of Tiles Sizes Prices in naira
Ceramic Tiles 40 x 40 1,600-3,000
Ceramic Tiles 60 x 60 2,000-6,800
Ceramic Tiles 120 x 60 8,800
Goodwill Tiles 40 x 40 2,000-3,500
Goodwill Tiles 60 x 60 4,000-5,500
Goodwill Tiles PVC Floor Tiles 3,500-9,000
Goodwill Tiles Polished Porcelain Tiles 2,000-3,000
Goodwill Tiles Unpolished Porcelain Tiles 1,900-4,000

Current Cost of Nails In Nigeria

There are different types of nails and they come in different sizes such as ½ inch, 1 ½ inches, 2 inches, 2 ½ inches, 3 inches, etc.

  • Zinc Roofing Nail: 3,500 -.4,000 per pack, and 700 – 1,000 per kg
  • Copper Roofing Nail: 3,500 per pack

The Building Materials Prices in Nigeria changes with time. You can check

Factors Affecting The Prices of Building Materials in Nigeria

1. Brand

Different brands have varying prices. Brands that Nigerians are familiar with, believe in, and have a solid reputation are typically more expensive than others, since consumers will still choose to purchase them.

2. Location

Depending on where you are in Nigeria, prices can be quite high. Similar brand, size, and content cement will cost less in Ibadan than it does in Abuja.

3. Period of the year

Some materials are more affordable during a specific time of the year. Sand tends to be more affordable during the dry season than during the wet season, as well.

4. Exchange rate

The price of some building materials is affected by import duties, particularly when items are imported from neighboring nations.

5. Power Supply

In order to produce building materials in Nigeria, such as blocks and some types of cement, a steady power supply is required. If the power is unreliable, however, they will choose to use a generator, the cost of which will ultimately affect the price.

6. Product Quality

Product quality is a factor in determining the cost of building supplies. Material of higher grade will cost more than material of lower quality because of the difference in efficiency and life duration.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is selling building supplies in Nigeria profitable?: Building material manufacture and sales are unsurprisingly a lucrative industry because there will always be a need for them.
  • How should I enter rates in BOQ?: Once the work is described, the quantity is calculated and taken off. Describe the quantity takeoff in detail. It provides a thorough notion of the quantity of work that has to be done. Always keep in mind aspects like market research, current rates, the schedule of rates (SOR), etc. while stating the rates in the BOQ.
  • What distinguishes BEME from BOQ?: In contrast to BEME, which typically displays the rate of production of a unit of work, BOQ is typically straightforward and lists the components of each item of work.


Now that you know the prices of various building materials in Nigeria, you can make your estimate and bring that construction of your dreams into reality. Hit the market today and get various building materials at affordable prices.

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