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Apply for New Zealand Scholarship 2023

New Zealand scholarship is one of the best world scholarship offers I have come across.  New Zealand Scholarship will change and enrich your life. The application process is just simple and straightforward.

New Zealand Government offers New Zealand Scholarships including full academic scholarships and short term training scholarships for workers to gain work skills, English skills and workplace experience.

New Zealand Scholarship 2021

Before you apply for New Zealand Scholarship, make sure to;

  1. Check if your country is listed.
  2. Check  eligibility criteria.
  3. Check if your desired course is listed among the courses granted for your country.
  4. Check which of the universities in New Zealand offers that course, take note of that university as you’ll have to fill in that university during application because wrong choice of university might disqualify your application.


New Zealand has started accepting applications again in 2023 from all eligible countries. You can visit their website to know if you’re eligible.


A smaller number of tertiary scholarships for study in New Zealand will be offered to school leavers undertaking undergraduate study only.

NB: You are considered a Pacific school leaver if you: a) are in your last year of secondary school; or b) finished secondary school in 2019 or 2020 and have since been enrolled in tertiary education or in a preparatory-level study programme for tertiary study. This preparatory-level programme may have been undertaken at a tertiary institution or another education facility.

Scholarships for tertiary study in the Pacific will continue to be offered at all levels of study.

Click New Zealand Scholarship Eligibility to check your eligibility status

Select your region and apply Click HERE

Or you can Click on the Application Link to apply directly

To know more about the scholarship and application tips, Click HERE

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